Pretoria Truck Exhaust Centre

Quality, Performance & Service

Pretoria Truck and Exhaust Centre was founded as a family owned and run business in Pretoria in 1998. The focus was to provide the highest quality truck exhaust systems at an affordable cost to our customers, combined with impeccable customer service.

The demand in other areas was so great that we extended our range of services and products to include bus exhausts, armoured vehicle (military and civil) exhaust systems, car and bakkie exhausts, all in mild steel or stainless steel.

Many trucks and cars that are imported, especially from some Eastern countries are fitted with exhaust systems that are just not designed for our rugged conditions in South Africa. To keep costs as low as possible, many of these vehicles are fitted with extremely low budget and poorly designed systems. This leads to premature failures due to vibrations and shocks caused by the state of our roads.

We are proud to say that some of the biggest transport companies in South Africa, and some big vehicle manufacturers like Nissan have approached us to design and manufacture exhaust systems that overcome these problems and endure the harsh environment that they have to withstand.

PTEC - Your specialist exhaust fitment centre in Pretoria

We give you the assurance and piece of mind that every system is manufactured from the highest quality materials and assembled with the utmost care and precission.

Our Services

  • Truck stack exhaust systems
  • Truck drum exhaust systems
  • Bus exhaust systems
  • Armored vehicle exhaust systems
  • Special applications
  • OEM replacement car exhaust systems
  • Full performance exhaust systems
  • De cat systems
  • Cat back exhaust systems
  • Down pipes
  • Performance branches
  • Turbo branches
  • We also do specialised welding on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium for any automotive application.
  • All exhaust system can be made from either mild steel or stainless steel.
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